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Slidehow of Eden Taxis, Penrith
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Services and Rates

Our fleet of taxis consist of vehicles that can carry 8 passengers, 6 passengers, and 4 passengers for the convenience and comfort of a range of customers. Details of each car can be provided on request. We also provide baby seats, and child booster seats on request, allowing us to ensure the safety of even the smallest passenger in our vehicles.

Eden Taxis have both female and male drivers and we aim to cater to individual requirements for the customer and try to provide specified drivers on request. We also have social services approved escorts, who all hold a valid and current DBS certificate, and are validated by the local authority for those customers that require accompaniment on their journeys. Details for this service can be provided on request.

Eden Taxis has a long history of working with the local authorities. This includes the transport of vulnerable adults and children to various destinations. We also are involved in transporting children to and from schools. All staff must hold a valid DBS certificate to ensure the safetly of all passengers in our vehicles, meaning we are can guarantee the safety of all our clients as a priority. The company has also undertaken the transport of staff to local and national businesses as a long term venture.

If you have any specific requests, we offer competitive prices on a range of transport services, including airports transport, sightseeing tours, and courier services, get in touch to find out more information.


Tariff 1
(basic day rate)
between 6.00am 11.00pm
Tariff 2
(basic day rate + 50%)
between 11.00pm 6.00am
Tariff 3
(basic day rate +100%)
Bank or Public Holiday
(to include Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, and Easter Sunday)
for the period up to 6.00am on the following day;
and also between 6.00pm and midnight on 24 December and 31 December


Tariff 1 Tariff 2 Tariff 3
If the distance is 8/10 mile or under
For the whole distance
£2.50   £3.50   £4.00  
If the distance exceeds 8/10 mile
Then each subsequent 1/10 mile
£0.25 £0.35 £0.40
Waiting time: for each single period or
Uncompleted part thereof
£0.75  £0.75  £0.75 
Extra Charges For soiling the carriage £60.00
  For each person carried in excess of two £0.50
  For each article of luggage carried outside the Passenger compartment. £0.50

Eden Taxis are able to cater for journeys of all lengths, and are happy to provide details for this on request.


At Eden Taxis we take the safety of staff and customers as paramount. In keeping with this, all staff take twice weekly COVID-19 tests and take personal precautions such as wearing masks and cleaning cars with antibacterial cleanser.

We also have full partitions between the passenger and driver for extra safety and peace of mind.


All transactions under £10 are subject to a 50p admin charge.

Eden Taxis are looking for employed and self-employed drivers. Give us a ring, or email for more information!

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